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NEW BREMEN LOCATION: 1734 West Plymouth St.
NEW PLYMOUTH LOCATION: 440 East Jefferson St.



We at Country Chiropractic Center are determined to provide the best service we can in a way that is affordable and effective for all our patients.

We offer our full services including chiropractic care and therapeutic rehabilitation (stretches and exercises). We also offer a wide variety of safe and effective techniques that include manual and activator adjustments.

Here at Country Chiropractic Center "wellness" is key, We do not treat pain or disease but rather focus on the complete wellness of the body to assist in it's natural prevention of disease in hopes of the body optimizing its maximum potential in turn prolonging health. We focus on maintenance care rather than restorative care.


What makes us different?


We strive to get our patients well in a timely manner. We vow not to put anyone on ridiculous plans where it will be required for you to come 30 visits over twelve weeks to get well.


We insist that all our patients become involved in their own wellness care and we can provide the information to do that.

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